Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 9

Today I am grateful for...

1. An awesome Halloween costume! Even though I didn't get to wear it out this year. I got this Halloween costume in college. It might be bad luck though. In college, my friends didn't want to go out for Halloween so I wore the costume while sitting on the couch watching football. This year, I also sat on the couch with friends who didn't want to go out. I might need to get a new costume next year :(We did make fabulous Pumpkin Bread though--it was from a box :)

2. Great, loving, fun cousins! I have taken on the job of being Entertainment Director of my cousins couples' group. Now, we have 5 cousins and spouses and we are hoping to add more as our get-togethers get more frequent. We went to happy hour at Cowboy Slim's, watched the opening Vikings game at Majors and last month, everyone came over to our house and then we went downtown to see Mitch Fatell at the Pantages Theater...we had WAY too much fun!!

What should we do this month??

3. Great "honorary" sisters. I always wanted sisters. For Christmas, when I was little, I even asked my parents for one. Unfortunately, I never got a sister. I did, however, get 5 great girls who are my honorary sisters (and one honorary brother). I was lucky enough to have all these girls in my wedding as my Junior Bridesmaids and Flower girl. I found these girls (and their families) and became their nanny. I still try very hard to be active in their lives. The oldest ones are even in high school....eeekk!!!!
Thanks girls for being my sisters!

4. Nights at home. I finally am only working 1 job and I am really appreciating having more time at home to do many things: clean, blog, do homework, read, veg on the couch, and unpack more wedding presents. We still have MANY more to unpack...

5. A husband and's the smallest things in life that make me the happiest!!

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