Friday, September 19, 2008

Caught up...

It's been an unusually long time since I have written...I wonder why. In the last two weeks, my schedule has gotten increasingly full. I am usually at work from 7 am until between 5-7 pm. During my 50 minute prep, I am making phone calls, setting up appointments and writing and answering emails. My mom says I'm amazing-I say I'm well organized and a do-er. I have our guest list almost complete, I found the bridesmaid dresses and my dress (I think), I have set up 3 appointments with photographers, I met with 2 wedding planners and hired one, I have talked with people about videography, ceremony music and reception music. Oh yeah...did I forget to mention I am teaching now full time as well? So I'm a little crazy...I try to do too much and I take on too many tasks. 

However, I am still on cloud 9. So my s
chool year is going unusually well. My 16 students are a great group of kids and we are having a blast this year! We have our difficulties, as does any class, but I have great hopes for us this year. 

On that note, I am, as many teachers have told me, crazy to plan a wedding in less than 9 months, and 4 days after the last day of school. But with amazing help from my mom, my two maid of honors and my planner, I believe it will go off without a if I could only keep my sanity...

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