Wednesday, December 19, 2007

T minus 14 hours

Seasons Greetings!!

I have never been so excited to have a vacation coming up...I am probably counting down the hours more than the kids...14 more hours with the kiddos and I'm free for a full two weeks. Since I graduated, I have not had a full 2 weeks off becasue the others districts always went back the day after New Year' excited. I don't know what I am going to do with are some ideas:

* Maybe put up my Christmas decorations...and then take them down
* Bake...cookies maybe? pie?
* Get my driver's license (haven't had mine since I lost mine 6 months ago..:( )
* Read one of the many books on my "unread" shelf
* Get my car washed
* Catch up on my Days of Our Lives drama
*See some of my friends I haven't seen since school started
* Any other ideas??

I love my kiddos but I need a break from them. I know a lot of them are very uneasy about spending 2 weeks at home, because they don't get a lot of attention and there isn't anything for them to do. So I am sending home color packets with math and mazes-they love that!

Until Friday, I am counting down the hours...and possibly the minutes :)

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