Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to school...

Tomorrow is my first day back after a full 16 days off. I never thought I would stay home after having kids, but after my little break, I can definitely see myself staying home. I got so much done:
* I got to see all my Preiner family

* I got to see my old friend Alison and her two adorable daughters

* We went to Durand to see Chad's mom and stepdad and his grandma
* I got to go to a movie with Kali
* I baked two cheesecakes; a White Russian cheesecake and a Blackberry cheesecake

* I got to have dinner with Chad's dad, stepmom and siblings
* I had lunch with Shana
* Chad and I had a romantic New Years dinner
* I put together my new Recipe Book (exciting I know)
* I wrote thank you's to all the people I got gifts from
* I spent lots of time with Chad, Tesa, my family
I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are ready to start another year. I will keep you updated on how my rugrats are after their long break...

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tesa is ugly