Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hockey "Mom"

This past weekend, (Wednesday through Sunday), I was the "stand-in-parents" for Kevin and Alison, the kids I nannied the summer of 2001. Alison was 6 and Kevin was 3. If you know how to do math, they are now 13 and 10. Alison is a beautiful, bubbly 7th grader who goes to Blake. Kevin is a 4th grader who loves his video games...not much different than my own 4th graders. I really got my taste of what it's like to be a parent, or more correctly, a single parent. The kids are very involved in hockey, and each had hockey each day I was there. I would drop one off, pick up the other, drop them off and go pick up the other...over and over and over. We had so much fun. I watched Alison score the first goal of the game on her all-boys team, and Kevin told me one of his teammates thought I was so "hot". Great...because I caught up on work on Friday after doing my report cards, I didn't have to do any work over the weekend. I finished a 750-piece puzzle and finished my first book since school started. I also watched 3 movies. Again, this reconfirmss my decision to stay home when I have kids. I now know I will be a great hockey/soccer/golf/dance/marching band mom...although, Chad did have to step in and help some. He got the kids off to school becuase I had to be at work before they left, and he brought Kevin his game-jersey after I got home and crashed. Thankfully, I will have Chadley by my side to help with all the sports...what a great future I have to look forward to!

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