Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Love Day!

Valentine's Day is a much different day as a teacher. I was actually dreading the day. I knew it would be a difficult day...what with crafts, paper everywhere, glitter everywhere, and so much candy! My kids were crazy all day...and the day wasn't over once the kids left at 3:00. We had Family Night that night...the kids came back at 5:00. So I had a piece of pizza, smiled and mingled with parents, and went home.

I came home to a wonderful surprise. I told Chad to come out to the car so we could get to our dinner reservation...he said I should come in...I knew he had something up his sleeve. So I avoided the closed bedroom so he had to give me a hint. So I went into the bedroom to find a darkened room with my favorite John Mayer song playing on his laptop. There was a vase with a beautiful bouquet of roses and favorite. There were also two boxes of my favorite chocolates...even though I told him I gave up candy for Lent...:) On the bed were two bags...Christmas bags...what a perfect setting :)

I got a hand mixer and 4 stemless wine glasses...perfect presents! Then we went to dinner at Mission and had great steaks and drinks. Our third Valentine's Day was just as good and romantic as the first...I'm a lucky girl :)

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