Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 7

Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful at daily blogging. I guess I cannot fault myself, since I am 19 days away from my wedding, 11 school days away from summer, trying to find a summer job, trying to find a house, and dealing with the other day-to-day stresses. So I am going to continue the 365 days of graces, but I am going to post when I have time and energy to post.

5 things I am grateful for today:

1. Seeing my future husband wearing his wedding ring, and seeing his delight and excitement about wearing it. (He was previously against wearing a ring and was not looking forward to it. After having HIS ring on, he is more excited and pleased)

2. An extra weekend day. Chad and I had a great day: lounging around in the morning, cleaning the house, running errands, sitting in the backyard drinking beer and playing Gin. (I lost)

3. Sleeping pills: I know, I know. I am dependent on something to help me sleep. I can sleep just fine without my meds, but here is the thing: I have the craziest, weirdest, scariest dreams. One night, I dreamed Chad died in an explosion and I had to learn how to live without him days before our wedding. Chad said he heard me whimpering in my sleep. I look forward to a nightmare-less sleep tonight.

4. Dollar stores: I got my students their "graduation" presents for a great price! I alsos got some baskets for the bathrooms at the wedding. I love the dollar store!

5. Fighting with my significant other. We have had a rough week. We are both stressed out about many things and we have been taking them out on each other. We haven't seen eye to eye on many things this whole week. Fortunately, we discussed them, realized they were small things, and enjoyed a great, stress-free day today. I appreciate the fights we have because I know we are strong enough to work through our disagreements and still love each other. I look forward to enjoying the next 18 days before we start our marriage together!

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