Monday, July 14, 2008

Awesome Weekend!

Usually, in the summer, I go up north every change I get. I had planned to go up north this last weekend, but by Friday was dreading the drive and had an urge to stay at home. It was hard to break the news to my parents, who always welcome the company when they are up there. I explained that I was kind of homesick from being gone so much the last few weekends. Plus I go to Texas in a week so I wanted to spend some quality time at home.

Friday, Chad had to work and most of my friends were staying in, so I set up a nice night at home: 27 Dresses on demand, chicken fettuccine and a glass of wine. Little did I know that I would also add a thunderstorm to my calm evening. I watched the skies get progressively darker and oohed and aahhed at the lightning. Although, a thunderstorm is not much fun by yourself.

Saturday, Chad and I ran some errands, then had lunch at the Tin Fish at Lake Calhoun. If you haven't been there, I definitely recommend it. Great food and a great atmosphere. As you remember, it was super windy that day, so that added a damper to our nice afternoon, but we still managed to enjoy our lunch.

We then made the walk into Uptown and went to the North Face store, where they were having a 40% off sale! AWESOME! Chad got swim trunks and I got a new over the shoulder bag/purse. We then made our way back to our car. Chad had to work at 4:30.

All was ok though, because I met up with Kali on Christmas Lake and had a BBQ at the Tilton's to celebrate the triathletes of the day. Hadn't seen a lot of those guys in awhile and I chatted with some new faces. We then head to Maynards, where it was so crowded you could barely it was extra windy and I was not dressed for cold.
Sunday, we spent 2 hours doing laundry at a laundromat. We do have laundry at our house, but we had accumulated so much that it would have taken all day at our house...we then hung out at home, cleaned and took a nap. I wanted to make something new for dinner, so we decided to make Jumbalaya. It was so good! Chad made it with chicken and andouille sausage...a definite must!

So, all in all, it was a good decision on my part to stay home this weekend. Living in Minneapolis, I love experiencing all that this city has to offer! We won't live here forever so it's nice to live it up while we can. We walked around the Rose Garden and lake Harriet after our Jumbalaya dinner...a perfect end to a fabulous weekend!

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Courtney said...

sounds like a great Minneapolis weekend! is that the jambalaya you guys made? it looks delish!