Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How "walkable" is your neighborhood?

With rising gas prices, many city-dwellers are opting to walk or take the bus. Living in Minneapolis, I feel I should walk many places, but choose to drive...stupid!! Go to to see how walkable your neighborhood is.

Let me walkable is your neighborhood??

They rate on proximity to grocery stations, stores, parks and entertainment. Surprisingly, my area is in the 77th percentile! Awesome...These are some of the lovely places I have access to by foot:

B-squad vintage (I might go if it was the A-squad...)
Kmart (this horrible store breaks up Nicollet Avenue...stupid)
Ace hardware store (awesome location!)
Tarana yoga (never heard of it)
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. park (Great Park...)
hosmer public library (never heard of it)
lagoon cinema (awesome cinema)
caseys bar and grill (newly remodeled patio)

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