Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Recap...

My 10-year old twin cousins are in town from Texas this week. They were going to stay with my grandparents, but couldn't because my Grandpa has been in the hospital for 2 weeks. Instead, they came to my cabin for the weekend. I decided that was a great opportunity to bring my honorary sisters up north too (the Kruse girls). Caitlin (13) and Kelly (10.5) had an awesome time with my cousins, Megan and Kelly...we had to call Kelly Kruse K2 or Kelly Kruse to make sure they knew who we were talking about.

All the Kruse girls could talk about on the way up was going tubing..."When will we go", "Who can we go with?", "Who will drive us?", "Can we go fast?". Needless to say, they were excited about tubing. Unfortunately, when we tried to start the boat, it wouldn't start. I thought it was the battery, so my dad decided later to charge the battery in case that was the problem. For those few hours, all I heard was: "When will teh boat be ready?", "When can we go tubing?", "Do you think we will be able to go tubing?", "I'm bored because I want to go tubing." All I could think was..."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" I'm used to dealing with a class of question-asking 4th graders...and I'm even used to dealing with 4 pre-teen and teenage girls. But this was more than I could handle...we decided to go into Pequot Lakes and Nisswa to go shopping. They loved this and it took their minds off tubing until we got back. Then the questions continued.

Eventually, after charging the battery, we got the boat started. I took the girls on double tube rides and they had a blast. Now, some of you know we have a lake with 2 in front of my cabin, and the other around the point by the island. We were by the island and the girls wanted to switch tubers. My dad warned me about stopping the boat becasue he didn't know if it would dumb mistake. I stopped the boat, we switched tubers, and I tried to start the no avail. I tried a few time, but heard nothing but a few clicks. So here we were, stranded by the island where my family couldn't see us. We sat there for an hour....yelling and waving at other boaters (they waved back). I told the girls my dad would come get us because he would get worried. Little did I know he would come in the....KAYAK!!! We thought, "How is he supposed to save us in the kayak?" He was a little perturbed that I stopped the boat, and then continued to tie the speed boat with a tube and 5 girls in it, to the kayak. He really thought he was going to pull us back. It was hilarious! He paddled his hardest, and went nowhere. We all had a laugh during that. So, long story short, my mom drove to the boat landing and saw us still stranded and went to get our neighbor in his boat to tow us back. We finally made it home...freezing, hungry and crabby.

The rest of the weekend was awesome! Because of the boredom of the girls, my mom and I took the girls over to the Lewis cabin and took them on the wave runners. I should say I took them, because my mom is kind of a wuss and the girls were bored with her.

All in all, we had a fabulous girls (except my dad) weekend! As you can see, we tubed, fished ( I put all worms on and took all fish off), played Polish golf, went on the wave runners, swam, ate, got ice cream, got stranded, fished some more, played Sorry, and finally, today, I am relaxing....with the Kruse girls :)

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