Monday, July 28, 2008

Working out

UGH...I HATE working out! I took this last year off from having a club membership-partly due to the fact that I live in Minneapolis and there wasn't a club I liked close, and that I was so busy with my first year of teaching. Believe me, I have paid the price for this. Chad and I both want to get a membership again, but have been putting it off. The family I nanny has an elliptical machine in their basement. So last night, I decided not to shower this morning because I would "work out" at their house. I am happy to say that I did use the elliptical. I am not happy to admit that I was on it for a total of 10 minutes. PATHETIC I know... I told myself I need to rebuild my physical stamina. Hopefully, I will increase my time the more I do it. Now I just have to do it...any suggestions for sticking to a workout routine???

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