Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My brother and his band have returned from their 3 week tour to record their next album. Their last stop was in Duluth and my mom asked me if I wanted to go and have a girls' weekend...of course I wanted to go!!

She picked me up Saturday afternoon. We had a nice drive up to Duluth and stopped at Tobies which is famous for their bakery. My mom and I both had sandwiches and she had soup. I perused the bakery section but didn't find anything I wanted.

We had a small incident with the thought we had a room at the Holiday Inn....the nice Holiday Inn :) After hauling all our stuff into the hotel, and trying to check in, my mom realized her confirmation email was for the Best Western. THE Best Western we drove by on our way to the Holiday Inn. I am pretty sure I thought, "Glad we aren't staying there!" as we drove by. Oops...Karma. So we checked into the scary-looking Best Western, made our way to our scary, dirty-feeling room and unpacked.
My mom picked up my brother from setting up for the show so he could come shower. Oh the life of a traveling rockstar...

We then had to drop my brother back at the venue so he could do sound check. My mom and I headed to dinner...

Seriously, my mom and I spent at least an hour each searching for the perfect place for dinner. We wanted local, organic food. We ended up at Black Woods, which was disappointing to me since I had already eaten there.

My mom and I ordered a flat bread while we waited for my brother to arrive by taxi. Steak, blue cheese and red peppers. SOOOOO good!!!!!

My fabulous dinner dates...

I was craving steak so I ordered the filet that came with veggies, chive mashed potatoes AND a salad. I almost didn't get the salad because it was SOOO much food.
But the salad was Italian dressing. I didn't eat the bread...such a proud moment for me :)

The steak was awesome. I dipped it in A1. The potatoes were so creamy and the pea pods were still crunchy...I wonder how they cooked them??

Mom also had steak and Drew ordered the salmon. Also very good!! Mom thought the salmon was a little dry but we weren't going to send it back.

After dinner, we dropped Drew off at the venue and went back to the hotel to rest up for the big show. The band wasn't playing until 11:00 so we had some time to wait. It was really hard to get out of bed to get to the show...but I am a loyal sister :)
Drew and his crazy keyboard...

Like what you hear? Want to hear more??

My mom and I danced and sang our hearts out. We didn't get to bed until 2:30 a.m!!!!!! Crazy party girls :) I was not, however, drinking any alcohol...MORE ON THIS TOMORROW..:)

Mom and I also searched for the perfect breakfast spot too. However, Drew told us that Pizza Luce had the 2nd breakfast (2nd to Al's in Minneapolis). So we decided to check it out.

The ambience was so cool! Live acoustic music, families everywhere, light coming in from the beautiful morning. I wish the Pizza Luce by our house had brunch. I would go all the time!!
The menu was so neat...loved the font and the pictures!
I also loved the coffee cups...I want some of these for our house!!

I had the Western Omelette with hashbrowns and toast. The omelette was good but the hashbrowns were cold. They were still good though. They served local jam which I had to try on the wheat toast. SOOO good and fresh.

Mom had the Pesto Benedict with Sausage. It looked good but I can't do the Hollandaise sauce...something about the texture and consistency of it...gross!

All in all, our trip to Duluth was great! It was a much needed girls' weekend!!

I have class tomorrow night and again, I am dreading another super long day. I haven't packed my lunch or dinner yet so it will either be an early morning, or a day where I get lunch and dinner out...oops. Just sooo tired lately...

Topics for later this weekend:
1. No drinking
2. New running shoes
3. Countdown to 5K plus fun accessories for race
4. Rest or run??


Andi Hays said...

No drinking!? Is Joanie preggo!?

margot prenye' said...

so fun to see the pictoral version of our trip. It looks like we had fun!!! except for the 3 hours of sleep for me on saturday night. I'm too old for that, but what can I do? I've got to see my roster boys.