Friday, February 12, 2010

Wild Rumpus!!

What an eventful afternoon...

I rushed home from work at 4:25 planning on going to Lake Harriet to run. It was beautiful outside...sunny and a brisk 28 degrees :) I got dressed and put my keys, phone, ipod in my fleece pockets. I got down to the lake, parked and realized everyone was wearing mittens/gloves and hats/ear muffs. (Is that what they are still called??) I know I have problems with my ears when I exercise outside so I knew I had to go back home to get some ear coverage.

I got home and decided I would just run around my neighborhood. I went in the house, dropped off my car keys and switched my house keys off my key ring. I didn't want to run with my whole set of keys. I had two keys that were very similar, so I tried them both on the door leading to outside. I took the one that worked, and thought I took the other one off. I locked the house door, walked to the outside door and went out. When I went to try the outside door key, I realized both keys on the ring were the same size...I knew instantly what I had done. The house key is bigger than the outside door key. I went in, and stupidly tried the house door. I knew it would be locked. I tried the keys I had, knowing they would not work.

I started to hear...duh duh duh. What to do now? I didn't have my car keys or my wallet. I couldn't go was freezing out by now. Chad was closing and wouldn't be home until 7 pm. It was 5:15. I knew some friends from work were at a nearby bar so I tried them. I also tried my friend, Shana. She lives kind of close. She usually works until 6:15 though. Thankfully, she didn't have school today so she was home early...she came to pick me up!!!!!

I WAS SO HAPPY!!!!! While waiting for Shana to I sat outside my front door, called a few people and played 3 rounds of Sudoku. My poor kitty was pawing at the door and meowing. She knew I was outside the door and wondered why I wasn't coming in...if you didn't know, I speak cat.

Even better, Shana wanted to go to Wild Rumpus...a local kids' bookstore. YAY!!! There I waited for Chad to come pick me up. It was a good thing I didn't have my wallet...I had 5-1,000 books picked out...(did you know they have cats without tails at this bookstore? They also have chickens, ferrets, chinchillas and birds. Quite a lively place...with GREAT kids books. I might have to go back tomorrow to buy some)

Moral of this story: I have gotten locked out of the house enough times to finally make a copy of our two house keys. This is NOT going to happen again...

So there is my exciting story of the day. Chad and I had Trader Joe's Pepperoni pizza. I added extra Mozzarella cheese, more pepperoni and onions. I also made a big salad to start with. Sorry no pictures...just a lazy night. Still recovering from the sickness...

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