Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So many restaurants, too little time!!!

We are moving!!!!

To the suburbs!!!

30 miles away!!!


While this is a very scary thing for us, we are SOOOO excited! We cannot talk about anything else. It's the biggest thing (other than getting married) we have ever done, and it's all we can think about!!

I will give more details once we have everything ironed out...we are still in the negotiations phase.

With our moving inching closer, I am feeling anxious about leaving all the great restaurants I have around me in Minneapolis. Something I LOVE about Minneapolis is all the small, quaint, locally-owned restaurants. You can go 1-2 blocks and find a great restaurant!! I have eaten at MANY of these restaurants, but haven't gotten close to eating at all of them.

Here are a few our my/our favorites:
**Cafe Ena (read about our experience here)

Those are just a sampling of my favorites in my neighborhood.

Yesterday, I met my cousin, Kelly at another neighborhood restaurant-King's.

My hair stylist, Taryn at Spalon Montage, told me about King's. She also lives in the neighborhood and just loves King's. I was excited to try it out for lunch.

I looked at the menu before we went and already knew what I would order...Who doesn't love grilled cheese and tomato soup??

First, I had a cup of coffee (it was a little chilly because we were sitting outside). Kelly ordered the tator tots. It seems like this is becoming a staple item on local restaurant menus.

Tater Tots $6.95
Housemade tater tots with gruyere and bacon sauce

The sauce was AMAZING!! These are not your everyday tator tots as you can tell. Ummmm...I can still taste these!! A Must-Try!!

We both ordered the half-grilled cheese and tomato basil soup...

Kings Grilled Cheese $8.50
Toasted with gruyere, fresh mozzarella and Wisconsin cheddar cheese

Look at that bread!!
It came with a big bowl of Tomato Basil soup.

I was really loving the grilled cheese, but the soup was a little thick and had a sweet after-taste. I realized that with tomato soup, I really need crackers. Too bad they didn't have any.

King's was a fun restaurant. The atmosphere inside was really neat, but everyone was sitting outside enjoying the 50degree weather :)

After lunch, we walked around Lake Calhoun...my FAVORITE spot in Minneapolis. I am definitely going to miss not having this lake so close!!

Great first day of Spring Break!!!!

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Andi said...

Congrats on the move! We moved from one end of the cities to the other last year. It was a big change, but SO much fun! Good luck ironing everything out!