Monday, March 1, 2010

To run or not to run...that is the question

I am still having troubles uploading pictures...for some reason, as soon as I pick a picture, the prism thing circles around and around...and around.

So for now, you will have to imagine...there are no pictures.

I have really been struggling for a week and a half with my workouts. I have been sick on and off...headaches, chills, stuffy nose, sore throat...did I mention stuffy nose? I went to class last Monday and ran Wednesday. I had class Thursday, an event Friday night and was dead-sick Saturday and Sunday. I questioned all today whether or not I should run tonight and go to class. After getting home and changing out of my work clothes, I decided not to work out.

Now I am dealing with the "skipped my workout guilt." I really hope I did the right thing resting today. Hopefully, I can get back on track tomorrow. I only have 13 days until my 5k...

Wait until you see the fun things I got to wear for the St. Patty's Day excited!!!

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