Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Change of plans...

While waiting for Chad to get home, my brother posted the following question on facebook:

Drew Preiner Can anyone recommend a good local organic eatery between bloomington an downtown?

He got a few answers: Bad Waitress, French Meadow and the Good Earth. I suggested Common Roots, which is about 10 blocks from where I live. Chad and I have been there once before, but I know that the menu changes monthly so it was my first recommendation.

Wait a minute...my brother, who is home so seldom is going to a restaurant down the street from me? I had to call and see what was up...why didn't I get to see him too?

It ends up he was going with my mom, so I changed out of my running gear and headed out to meet them and crash their date. I was planning on making dinner for Chad and me so I thought I would just go say hi.  On my way there though, Chad texted me that he wouldn't be home until after 8...woops. Change in plans!!

So I invited myself to have dinner with my mom and brother...fortunately they allowed me to, if only I didn't talk (Directions from my joking brother). 

I am definitely going to miss this place when we move...

Common Roots is a restaurant where "we serve good food made from scratch- using high quality, local, organic, and fair-trade ingredients." (Taken from their "About Us" brochure).    They have a "strong commitment to provide support for local farmers, operate in an environmentally responsible way, serve as a community meeting place, and pay a living wage and benefits to our employees."

They even have their own garden in back!

I walked up to the counter and perused the menu.  It had completely different options than the last time I was there. I was excited because I saw a few things I would like to order. I will have to go back this May before the menu changes again!

I decided to go with the Fish Tacos.  They came with a mango salsa, pickled onions and mixed greens...when I got back to the table, I asked what my mom and brother ordered...I wasn't surprised when they said they also ordered the fish tacos. We tend to order the same things at restaurants....

My mom and brother also ordered the Shrimp Skewers as an appetizer. 

The fish tacos were great! The fish fell apart and the toppings made the taco! Each taco came with two thin tortillas, but I ended up eating the insides with a fork instead...too good to eat with the tortilla!

For dessert, what do we Minnesotan food lovers order? Chicken Wild Rice Soup of course!!!

Actually, I ordered Fish Tacos to-go for Chad and a piece of this gargantuan Chocolate/Strawberry cake.

Look how big it looks next to the wine glass!!
I only had 2 bites...it was pretty dry. 

I had to get a picture with my mom...
It took a few tries...

We were laughing so hard because I put my hand on his leg...forgot I wasn't sitting next to my husband!

This was cool...

It was a good change of plans...and Chad still got his meal brought by me.  He enjoyed the fish tacos too!!

Now I need to stretch and do my Physical Therapy exercises for my shins...

Good-night Y'all!!!

I leave you with this quote from Common Roots:

"Everyone should have access to good food from farmers they know, and we work in the kitchen and throughout our community to make that happen...Food and community go hand in hand..."

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