Sunday, May 9, 2010


After college, I got a summer job as a nanny.  I found an ad in the paper for a Nanny job in Eden Prairie. I called and got an interview. They had over 100 calls on their ad. 

They hired me.  I stayed with these girls for 6 summers. I have also stayed with them for days at a time when their parents went out of town.  

They were all in my wedding and I consider them sisters.  

Kristen, the oldest is 16. She was getting confirmed this year and she asked if I would be her Sponsor. This required me to go with her to church and attend Confirmation classes with her.  

Ironically enough, she was getting confirmed through the same church where I got confirmed.  

Anyways...her final Confirmation ceremony was last week.  It was at the Cathedral in St. Paul, which is such a beautiful church!! Reminds me of Westminster Abbey in England...

I can't believe Kristen is already 16. When I started working for her family, she was 8 years old...crazy how fast time flies when you are watching kids grow up!
Her mom says she looks more and more like me every day...:)

This is Courtney. She is 15 and is a twin. Courtney is one of the sweetest girls I know...she also has Autism.  She doesn't fit most of your stereotypes for Autism. She looks me in the eye, kisses me on the lips and is pretty cuddly!

She HATES pictures though :)

I am going to my parents tonight to celebrate Mother's Day. I wanted to dig out the pictures of my confirmation to show Kristen...maybe she would think that was cool??

I'm not sure I know what cool is anymore....eek!

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