Friday, April 2, 2010

Firming up at The Firm!

My good friend, Kali works at The Firm, a gym in Minneapolis.  She sent me a text message yesterday, inviting me to take a class before I went back to work.  I am not going to lie: I was SCARED!! I know the classes there are intense and wild. I have seen the story Perk at Play did on Doug's classes.  

This is my year to try new things right??

Even as I got closer to the gym, I was still considering turning around and going home.  But I told Kali I would go so I couldn't bail. I would be fine, right??
As I climbed the stairs, I could hear the music pumping, could feel the bass throbbing! I tried to act like I knew where I was going...

There's Kali!!

I got there 25 minutes early (I didn't want to be late!!) so I got to hang out with Kali, meet some of her friends and some of the "locals." Doug, the instructor, even came over and told me to just have fun!! 

Doug came into class, strutting his stuff in a black speedo and tight white tank top.  I was thinking to myself, "This is going to be awesome!!" There were all ages and sizes in this class.  If they can do this, so can I, right??

Let's just say, I thought I was going to pass out. This class had some of the same moves of Body Works plus Abs, but on Speed.  Everything was high-energy, screaming, yelling, very dramatic moves.  

See those boxes? Yes they tried to convince me to lift that above my head...Yah right? Have you seen how clumsy I am?? I decided to just use weights...
Here is me after class. See how wet my shirt is? I look like a dying person...I told Doug he didn't need to put a shirt on...he thought otherwise.

Kali made me a smoothie and I headed home. I had a killer salad on the brain.

But first, Kali gave me my way early birthday present...I told her earlier this week I wanted a headband like hers...

Isn't it cute??

I could not WAIT to dig into my salad for lunch! I was starving!!!

But look what I found??
I just bought this bag of lettuce on Monday and it was already turning green...No fear. I just picked out the brown stuff and continued on my way.

I also picked up veggies from the salad bar on Monday to add to my monster salads.  Doesn't this look divine??
Ingredients: carrots, cucumbers, pepper jack cheese, craisins, red onion, red, yellow and green peppers, peas. SOOOOO good and fresh and wonderful and yummy!!

I also had half of this giant grapefruit...

Perfect lunch!!!

I am off to the shower and heading to our lot in Shakopee to see if any progress has been made. 

Pictures and story about lot to come later!!

Enjoy the day!!


Andi said...

OOh Shakopee!? I just found out someone else I knew from HS is building a house there! Can't wait to hear the story!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog~~This will be fun keeping up with your jouney to becoming healthy ~~or healthier...