Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Special Visit

I was blessed to have my long-time friend, Andrea visit me on Tuesday.  She was in Minneapolis for work, so she extended her stay to spend the night with me...lucky me!

I picked her up at the airport and we headed to IKEA...she had never been and I wanted to get some ideas for decorating.  It is such an overwhelming place. 
I am going to have a horrible time decorating my house...I just tend to throw everything around the room and hope it looks good. I was especially interested in the fully-designed rooms. 

I was NOT feeling well this day.  When the weather changes, I tend to get really bad pressure headaches.  So I felt dizzy, pressure in my head and nauseous. I decided to get a water and a cookie to give me some fuel. I wasn't hungry but I felt I needed some energy.

After IKEA, we went to Mall of America. We were reminiscing about how often we went there when it first opened.  Anyone who lives outside Minnesota just assumes we go to MOA all the time. But it is a pain to park and there are always SOOO many people!!  So I don't go there very often.

Andrea needed to find some shoes so we started at Nordstrom. She found some really cute pumps. I really want to get a pair, but I may wait until I get my tax money.

She then suggested we go get pedicures...which is funny because that was exactly what I wanted to do. So we headed to LA Nails.
Man, these ladies were PUSHY. They asked us at least 20 times if we wanted a manicure...we kept saying no, we didn't want a manicure.

We then headed to Cantina #1, a new restaurant on the 4th floor.  I hadn't heard of it but read some reviews online...

I felt like I was back in Mexico!! Great atmosphere and location!

I knew I wanted to get something light, but that I could bring home for Chad. I was still feeling a little gross so I kept it light...

Chicken enchilada with 2 beef tacos. Yummy!

Here is the view from our booth....crazy to watch all the people.

It was great to see Andrea. Thankfully, she will be here 2-3 more times this summer!!

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