Friday, April 30, 2010

Obviously it's Pes-Crea-Marinara sauce!!

Yesterday, at about 6:00 a.m., I woke up and realized my husband was getting out of bed. He walked into the kitchen and turned on some lights.  His alarm wasn't on. He didn't have to be to work early...what gives??

My curiosity caused me to wake up...grrrrr.  "WHYYYYY are you up SOOO early??"

His answer? He just COULDN'T sleep anymore...I just didn't understand.

I have NEVER had this problem. Maybe after sleeping till 10:00 a.m. on a Saturday. But I have never woke up at 6 am on a work day because I couldn't sleep anymore.

I know...he is weird :)

But I did reap the rewards from his decision. He made me breakfast:)
(This picture is horrible! My new camera was charging so I had to use my old one...yuck!)

I enjoyed my breakfast with a POM-mocktail.  This time, I used the Lime LaCroix. It had a great taste! Chad even liked it1

This is one of my new favorite drinks :)

That night, I decided to treat Chad to dinner. He was supposed to be done with work at 5 so I expected him home at 5:30.  I had already worked out and been to the physical therapist by 5:309 so I was hungry!

I decided to use my leftover lunch of pasta and broccoli from Kowalski's as the base. (Have you ever gone there for lunch? They have a great lunch bar...salad, soup, pasta and sometimes tacos!)
I baked two chicken breasts and sprinkled them with Spicy Garlic seasoning.

I steamed green beans and added feta cheese of my favorite combinations!!

While at Kowalski's, I created my own pes-crea-marinara sauce.  Pesto with Cream and Marina sauce...all my favorites combined! It looks gross but it's really tasty! I poured this over the pasta and the green beans!

Such great taste!!


We have a very boring weekend...Chad is in his last week of his current online class so he has a TON of work to do.  We only have a few things scheduled, plus it's supposed to be Gross

* I am going to the Fine Line with Annie and her boyfriend, Mitch tonight. We are seeing Cedar Avenue and Dan Rodriguez...should be fun!

* I am going to a Body Works class tomorrow at LAFitness...want to join me? 

* We are driving down to our house in Shakopee. We hear the framing went up this will be fun to see the progress. 

* I am going to Southdale Library to hear a speaker from the Dyslexia Association about Reading Reform in Minnesota.  

What are you doing this weekend?

How do you spend rainy Saturdays??

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