Saturday, April 3, 2010

Productive Spring Break

So I am sad my Spring Break is over, but I am happy that I had such a productive week.

Fri-Mon  Spent time at the cabin with Chad:  2 mile run/walk
Mon.     Had lunch at King's and a walk with cousin Kelly: 3 mile walk
Tue.      Had lunch with Shana at Broder's and dinner with Andrea at Cantina #1  
Wed.     Walked around Calhoun with Kali: 3 mile walk
Th.        Had lunch w/Chad at SmashBurger and Happy Hour at the View w/Annie: 2 mile run
Friday   went to the Firm for a Circuit Training class: 1 hr. workout
Sat.       Walked to Butter for breakfast: 1 mile walk

Here are some pictures of my walk and breakfast this morning...Enjoy the beautiful day!!

1 comment:

Mary said...

You are so completely in my hood! And in my old is this beautiful omlett from BUTTER?? Droool... what a great walk!