Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So I have been running every other day or on consecutive days for the last 2 weeks. I have had a little pain during my runs but not enough to make me stop. Today I stepped it up a bit and increased my speed by .5. Before I even got to mile 1, I had to stop. The pain in my right shin was horrible!!

I did some stretches my friend Sarah recommended...she is a crazy runner!! She recommended I walk up and down a hall, rotating with walking on my heels and walking on my toes. I did that a few times down a very short hall and jumped on the treadmill. Still had the pain...I am now icing that shin and I will write the alphabet with my toes later tonight. (Thanks Sarah!!)

On a different note, I tried a new soup tonight that I loved!! I knew Chad would like it so I kept trying to get him to try it but he was full from his own dinner. Oh well...I will have to buy it again!
This was packed full of vegetables and taste..pretty spicy!!

I also had a grilled cheese with this soup!!

My dessert was Trader Joe's Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies (3) with a glass of milk...Yummy!

Here is the foot story so many of you have heard...Chad went to the Vikings game on Sunday with his brothers and step-dad. Needless to say, I knew it would be a crazy time for them. I got many phone calls from Chad but after the game, he was playing football the boys and my cousins, Kelly and her husband Eric. Chad jumped to catch the football and slipped on a patch of ice. He was saying he thought it was broken but I didn't really believe him. His step-dad told his mom he was fine...the more time passed, the more he called and complained. He thought he needed to go to the hospital. I brushed this off and told him we would see how he felt the next day...

I picked him and his brother up and saw that Chad had to be helped to the car because he couldn't put weight on his foot. We woke up on Monday (OUr day off!!) and went to Urgent Care.
He was seen by a doctor, got X-Rays taken and was given an air cast. It was not broken (Surprisingly), but we were told that a sprain can be as painful, or more, than a break.

At least he's still smiling :)

After the trip to Urgent Care, Chad was craving Punch Pizza, and I am never one to say no to eating out!!

I ordered the Toto pizza with Arugula, Prosciutto, goat cheese, cracked pepper and garlic. I also added Sausage.
Chad ordered the Vesuvio...spiced salami, olive, cracked red pepper, pepperoncini and basil. His looked pretty good but I didn't taste it.
I was craving a pizza so I also ordered a small Chopped salad...mixed greens, assorted meats and cheese, pepperoncini, white beans, carrots, prosciutto crisps and cherry tomatoes in a red wine vinaigrette...I could have eaten this as my meal. It was so good and tasty!!

I am going to finish the night off icing my shins and knee (that is hurting now).

Hopefully I can finish my book club book from Monday night so I can start the next book soon...

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