Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wicked Run...

I took 3 days off from running in hopes that I could do a long workout today. The rest helped!! Here was my workout:

Minutes: MPH
0:00-2:00: 3.5 Walk
2:00-6:00: 5.5 Run
6:00-8:00: 3.5 Walk
8:00-11:00: 6.0 Run
11:00-13:00: 3.5 Walk
13:00-17:00: 5.5 Run
17:00-19:00: 3.5 Walk
19:00-22:00: 6.0 Run
22:00-24:00: 3.5 Walk
24:00-28:00: 5.5 Run
28:00-30:00: 3.5 Walk

Total miles: 2.41 miles
Total calories burned: 257 calories
Total time: 30 minutes

I was a big sweaty mess after this. I then did 20 minutes of stretching and abs/core work. It is amazing to me that a month ago, I could do a plank for 5 seconds without dying. I can now do two sets of 20 seconds with a 5 second rest. My hard work is paying off!!

I got 2 free tickets to the Healthy Living Expo at the Convention Center when Chad and I ate at Birchwood Cafe last week. Have I told you about this place? We had our book club there awhile ago and it was really good. They serve all local, fresh food. I was dying for their turkey burger...but we got there, and they were out. I almost wanted to go home. I ended up getting a white pizza with sausage...boring! Chad had the walleye cakes and they were excellent! We will have to go back again so I can have the turkey burger. to the Expo. I ended up asking my cousin, Annie to go with me. She eats natural foods and focuses a lot on putting healthy, natural things into her body. We made a small detour at the convention center to look into the Gun Show...

We weren't that impressed...there were a lot of homeopathic people there....palm reading, massages, healing, tarot cards, etc. We tried more than 5 different vitamin drinks and felt a little loopy/floaty afterwards. Too many vitamins at once, I guess. We didn't buy anything but Annie found some great, glitzy jewelry for 10$. And the lady who makes it is located right by her house, so she was super pumped.

Unfortunately, I got sucked into the convention center food. They didn't have anything healthy and I needed a little food kick so this is what we ended up with. I DID NOT feel great after this...and was feeling badly about eating that after my great workout this morning...oh well. A small diversion. I did not eat the whole thing either...just so you know.

Back to work tomorrow. I am trying a meal planning system this week to only buy the groceries we know we will use. Here is a sampling of my weekly plan:

Snack: 15 almonds
Lunch: Leftover Spaghetti/Salad/Grapes
Snack: Carrots
Dinner: Soup, Naan bread, Grapefruit

Snack: Triscuits with Laughing Cow Cheese
Lunch: Sandwich/Grapefruit/ Carrots
Snack: Peppers and Hummus
Dinner: Chicken with Feta and Green beans

etc, etc.

We will see how this goes. Hopefully I can stick to it!!

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Oh, Snapp! said...

Hey Joanie!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'd love to follow yours, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how (I'm slightly challenged when it comes to technology).

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!