Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fair, Chipotle, Whole Foods, Blogs!!

Today was not a good balanced food day!

I had to go to a Charter School fair downtown today. I knew I would be sitting in a conference room from 8:30-2:00 with no chance of making a lunch. Plus, I didn't plan well and make a lunch last night. I tried to throw as many "good food choices" in my lunch bag today before I left.
* 14 Fruit Source Bytes (My new favorite snack! I tell everyone I know about them!)

* Carrots and celery

* Orange
* Apple
* 2 boxes raisins
* 7 triscuits with Laughing Cow Garlic/Chive cheese

* 2 LaCroix Mineral Water

Even with all these choices, I was still craving an actual meal!! I walked around the hotel and only found a small, expensive deli that had sandwiches, fruit, drinks, pastries, muffins, etc. I bought a banana, almonds and an Odwalla Bar.
I had never had these bars but was interested in trying them. I was was too chalky. I will try some other flavors though.

I snacked on the Fruit Bytes, triscuits and cheese and drank the 2 mineral waters. I did not want to spend the money on a deli sandwich so I went hungry and unsatisfied the whole day.

I left the charter school fair and went home to pick up Chad. We needed to go grocery shopping and get our new MacBookPro! Exciting day! After buying the new computer, we went to Chipotle. I had a Chicken Fajita Bowl with extra vegetables and black beans. It was sooooooo yummy!! (Sorry no pics...haven't gotten used to taking pics of food in public yet.)

We then went to CostCo and bought our essentials...milk, eggs, chicken, salmon, turkey, ham, hummus, etc. Much to Chad's complaints, I then wanted to go to Whole Foods. I wanted to see the options and opportunities for healthier eating here. I (WE) were pleasantly surprised! I got many things to help our healthy eating trek...

Chad picked out a pizza for us to eat tonight...YUMMY! I can't remember what kind it was and I threw the wrapper away. But it was really good and even Chad was impressed! (Now he says it was bland...)

I only had a few bites of the pizza as I was still full from Chipotle. I did have a nice glass of wine though! I always buy the same kind of Pinot Grigio (Cavit) and I was feeling adventurous so I tried a different kind today. And I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a twist-off cap. Does this make it cheap wine??

I am getting more and more excited about this healthy journey I am on after finding many, MANY blogs to keep me entertained, on the right track, and to give me great ideas of what to eat. It is easy to spend hours on these blogs!! Here are some blogs I have fallen in love with...

I am happy to report that I got to the gym 3 times this week (monday, wednesday, friday) and I am going to yoga tomorrow morning. I am loving Body Works Plus Abs at LAFitness...I am sore after every class!! Love it!!

Wanted to leave you with a snapshot of my favorite kitty...

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