Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stupid Virus...

Being back to school has slowed down my blogging routine...not because I am busier but because I bring my personal computer to work and it is a pain to shut it down, pack it up, set it up at home, shut it down, and pack it up again the next morning. We usually use Chad's computer at home, but I put a virus on it (OH NO!!!) while perusing Facebook...oops. So his computer is pretty much dead to us...we are going to get a MacBook Pro for the house but we haven't gotten around to it yet...

So, after my long excuse, I am writing for today and yesterday. I have continued tracking my food intake because I thought it would be harder to eat healthy and not as much when I am at school. First, I had to make some changes at work...

1. Empty the "Junk Food Drawer."
This was harder than you think...but at the same time, it was pretty easy. I had a drawer filled with junk food--a variety of candy (I mean A LOT!!), goldfish crackers (not so bad...these will stay), bags of 100 calorie microwave popcorn (these can stay too!), 100 calorie bags of Reeses snacks (SOO GOOD!!), hundreds of suckers. I gathered up all this stuff and put it in the back teacher office for the rest of my staff to devour...needless to say that many of it still sits on that table...

2. Get on the mindset to make lunch (and snacks) the night before. I found this hint out today when I didn't have time to make a lunch this morning and I had to run to Kowalski's on my short lunch break to grab something.

3. Resist the temptation to taste all the snacks/treats available to me at work. I didn't do so well with this yesterday (I ate that stupid M&M cookie) but today I walked right by those cookies many times without the intent to eat any...YAY!!!!

4. Make myself eat a snack between breakfast and lunch. This helps because then I can eat lunch later and not be starving by dinner time.

So after doing those 3 things, it has been easier than I thought to live a healthier life at work!

Monday's Food Intake:
9:00 Breakfast: raisin bran cereal (about 1.5 cups) with 2% milk (stupid school milk), banana, string cheese and a mineral water.

11:00 TREAT...:( 1 mini reeses

12:00 Snack: 7 triscuits with Laughing Cow garlic and herb cheese, 1 serving of raisins, mineral water and another reeses. Damn you Doug!

12:45 Lunch: Crunch Time salad from Womens Health Magazine. Orange. Mineral water

4:00 Snack: M & M Cookie. 1 Cup of Goldfish crackers

6:40-8:00 Workout and Body Works Plus Abs class at LAFitness with Shana...Betty kicks my a** every week! 23 oz water

8:00 Dinner: 1 c. Red potatoes with rosemary. 1 C. Tuscan Chicken Pasta. Orange. Mineral water

That's it for Monday's food intake. I have to do some work and I will write about today's meals later...

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