Friday, January 15, 2010

Just many calories??

So I have never counted calories and have NO idea how many calories things have. But since I have been tracking my meals I was curious to see how many calories I intake in a day. So here goes...eek.

Today's eats...
Breakfast: Raisin Bran Crunch (188 calories for 1 cup. Usually have 1.5 cups so 280 calories) with 2% milk (only b/c that's all we have at school...1/2 c is 60 calories) with a banana (110 calories). Mineral water (0 Calories!!!)
Breakfast CALORIES: 450 calories

Snack: 7 Triscuits (130 calories) with Laughing Cow cheese wedge (35 calories). Mineral water (0 calories). 2 Mini butterfingers...oops (180 calories per bar...360 calories).
CALORIES: 525 calories (woah...more than my breakfast. Bad choices)

Lunch: Organic Chicken Fajita Burrito (don't know brand...from Kowalskis...221 calories). Orange (69 calories) . Carrots-50 calories/celery-10 calories/pea pods-35 calories. Trader Joe's mini chocolate chip cookie (130 calories for 3...43 calories). Mineral water (0 calories)
CALORIES: 428 calories

Happy Hour: Spinach Artichoke Dip (162 calories...about). 2 Michelob Golden Lights (110 calories for 1...220 calories)
CALORIES: 382 Calories

So the final total is........1785 calories. The recommended calorie intake for women is 2,000 calories so I was under. I also didn't have a real dinner though.


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Andi Hays said...

Do you have an iphone? There's a great free app you can download called "Loseit". I use that every day. You can set it to how many calories based on how quickly you want to lose weight. This really keeps me on track and makes me feel accountable for everything I eat.

I am loving that I re-found your blog! I love all the food pictures and great ideas!

And by the way...Hi stranger! It's been years since I saw you! You look wonderfully happy!